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Welcome! Thank you for checking out Apparel Arts Productions and me, Suzy Furrer. You can find my bio below. 


Apparel Arts Productions membership program is the latest venture from Suzy and Apparel Arts Productions. When I brought the Apparel Arts’ curriculum online in 2020 after 24 years of in-person teaching, I saw the advantages, but also the drawbacks, not only with different time zones but with different time constraints while you juggled work, child and elder care, your own health needs, and more. I started to think about putting my 35+ years of sewing, pattern drafting, textiles, fitting, and fashion industry knowledge into one place online, where students from all over could access videos on their time and at their pace, and still have access to live classes and an instructor. 


I am so excited to record all my knowledge from 35+ years in the fashion and home sewing industries and to have that knowledge available to you. We have planned out hundreds of instructional videos full of sewing, pattern drafting, fitting, textiles, grading, and design tips. These 3 to 20 minute videos will be available to you on your time and you will have the ability to join live classes with Suzy and participate in community Q&A sessions with like minded sewers. 

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Suzy Furrer has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She began her career as a freelance patternmaker in 1988. Suzy is the Founder and Director of Apparel Arts (established 1996) and Apparel Arts Productions, an online fashion design school (established in 2020). Apparel Arts has graduated hundreds of students who currently work in the apparel or costuming industries. In addition, she has been an instructor for GAP Inc.’s Product Development Immersion Program. Suzy has taught classes for the employees of entertainment giants Pixar and Lucas Films. Suzy is the author of Building Patterns, and has taught online pattern drafting classes for since 2011.

Hey, over here… aside from sewing and patternmaking, what else do I do for fun? I love interior design. (I recently completed a top to bottom renovation of a cabin my awesomely creative parents built in 1965) and I am helping my sister move into and decorate a swoon-worthy 1940’s gem; I equally love art (my dream is to make time in my schedule to be a docent for SFMoma - soon, I hope!); I love going to the ballet (my daughter is a ballet dancer - I am in awe! What a mix of art, history, and athleticism); and I am a happy nerd who loves to read.

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What do I get with a $12/month Membership?

  • Access to how-to sewing videos. We are starting with sewing and equipment videos, and will be adding pattern drafting, textiles, and project videos soon! Hundreds of videos are planned or in the works. Start now, and support and grow with us.


  • New videos and content are added weekly.


  • Two live, 90-minute Zoom meetings for members only. During the first 45 minutes, Suzy will teach a class on a topic involving sewing, design or pattern drafting. The following 45 minutes Suzy will be available to answer your questions on fitting, sewing, drafting or textiles. Live session topics, dates and times will be announced at the beginning of each month. One topic will lean more beginner and the other topic will be more intermediate/advanced in scope. Can’t make it? No problem, the recordings will be available to members for 4 weeks. 


  • Access to Apparel Arts Productions community Q&A page. Members can ask questions, answer questions, share their work, knowledge, or expertise. Suzy will also be popping into the community Q&A page to answer questions and comment. 


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Sample a Video

VIDEO TITLE: French Seam


VIDEO TITLE: Horizontal vs. Vertical Buttonholes


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Membership Structure and FAQs

Who is Suzy Furrer?

Check out Suzy’s full bio here. Suzy has worked in the fashion industry and the home sewing industry for over 3 decades. Aside from starting, running and also teaching at Apparel Arts - a fashion design, patternmaking and sewing studio for 25 years, she has also worked for GAP, Inc. and has taught classes at Pixar and Lucas film. Suzy is passionate about sewing and patternmaking and is excited to share all of the knowledge gleaned throughout her years in the home sewing and fashion industries. 

What is Suzy’s expertise? 

Suzy is a master pattern maker and seamstress. Her expertise is in sewing woven fabrics, patternmaking, fitting, copying ready to wear, textiles vocabulary and choosing the right fabric for your garment, fitting patterns, grading (sizing patterns), tech packs, and design principles. She currently works on home sewing machines (as opposed to industrial machines) and uses a serger for seam finishes and sewing knits. Her focus has returned to where she started years ago - the home sewing market. 


How often will I receive new content?



Will I be able to ask Suzy questions and get advice?

Absolutely! Members can participate in two live Zoom events a month where they can ask questions and get advice. Suzy also participates in the Community Q&A. 


What if I can’t make the live events? 

No problem. The live events are recorded and members have access to the recordings for 4 weeks after the event. Even if you cannot make the live event, you can still submit a question prior to the live event. 


Is class content different from the content in membership videos? 

Most often, yes. Most class content has not yet made it into the videos. Classes are limited to 10 to 20 students. Students in classes can have Suzy check their class work and have her correct and comment. Students in classes work within their own small class pod. Suzy teaches these classes live on Zoom and recordings of each class are available for 8 weeks to the students of the small class only. 


Does joining a class mean I joined as a member? 

No, class registration and membership are two different things. However, members do get 10% off classes (up to a $29.50 savings per class).


What if I have a problem accessing my membership?

Contact us right away at


Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes, there will be a link under my membership where you can cancel for the next month and beyond. The cut off date for canceling the next month is 7 days prior to the next month’s payment. Basically, you are joining month-to-month.


Can I pause my membership?

Of course, life happens. Just cancel for the next month and rejoin when you are ready. If a membership is paused, you will not have access to any live events or recordings which happened during the pause. Basically, you are joining month-to-month.


Can I get a refund?

No, we do not give refunds from the 1st of the month onward, but members can cancel anytime prior to 7 days before the 1st of the next month. Basically, you are joining month-to-month. 


Can I pay for the entire year in advance?

Thank you for your support! We appreciate it. We are looking forward to that option starting in 2023, but for 2022, members can only pay monthly. 

Can I change my payment method?

Unfortunately, our website platform (Wix) does not allow you to replace your payment method. Wix is working on adding this feature to the Wallet, but it is not in place at this time. If you need to change your payment method, cancel your subscription and sign up again using your new credit card.

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