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Whether you are a professional patternmaker, a serious sewing hobbyist, or new to the art of patternmaking and design, Building Patterns is your guide. Eleven chapters break down specific sections of a garment such as bodices, darts, silhouettes, necklines, collars, sleeves, pockets, with additional chapters on pattern drafting tools and vocabulary,  drafting skirts, pants and full garments. The instructions are clear and detailed. Readers will find helpful tips on fabric, design, fit and function. Building Patterns is downloadable and also printable for those who enjoy working with a hardcopy. 


Printing: Whether you are printing Building Patterns off your home printer or you are having a copy center print and bind it, print out a few pages first to see how the printer formats for 2-sided. On some printers, every other page flips which works well for binding across the top. On other printers where the pages do not reverse, binding on the left works well.  The book should be printed in landscape format. Printing in portrait is fine too, but the print will be smaller. None of this is an issue if you will be using Building Patterns on a device without printing.  

Building Patterns Second Edition: The Architecture of Clothing

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