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Hello fellow patternmaking and sewing enthusiasts! 


I am excited to announce that I am collaborating with in 2024 to present more online content. In addition to an already existing series of ten pattern drafting classes, I am filming classes on Copying Ready to Wear and Proper Pressing Techniques and Tools, as well as a handful of short form instructional sewing videos. New classes and videos will be available at the end of the first quarter of 2024. Of course you can view my ten class patternmaking series now on


Thank you for the strong support of the 2nd edition of Building Patterns. If your 2024 goal is to strengthen your pattern drafting skills, I am returning to teaching in February 2024 with classes focused on guiding students through individual chapters of the Building Patterns textbook starting from the beginning! I am also offering beginning and advanced sewing classes throughout the year to support your pattern drafting practice.


Looking forward to seeing you in class!



FEBRUARY 16 - APRIL 6, 2024

Sessions meet once a week for eight weeks. Cost: $299

All classes are online through Zoom.

Pattern Drafting 1 - Introduction to Pattern Drafting/Drafting Skirts

Friday, 8:30–10 am (PT)

Pattern Drafting 2 - Drafting the Basic Bodice

Friday, 10:30 am–12:30 pm (PT)

Construction 1

Saturday, 8:30–10 am (PT)

Design/Sewing Lab

Saturday, 10:30 am–12 pm (PT)

Six weeks/Cost: $225


Textiles • Design Lab •  Pattern Drafting 3 - Dart Manipulation • Pattern Drafting 5 - Necklines



Suzy Furrer has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. In addition, Suzy is the Founder and Director of Apparel Arts (established 1996) and Apparel Arts Productions, an online fashion design school (established in 2020). Apparel Arts has graduated hundreds of students who currently work in the apparel or costuming industries. In addition, she has been an instructor for GAP Inc.’s Product Development Immersion Program. Suzy has taught classes for the employees of entertainment giants Pixar and Lucas Films. Suzy is the author of Building Patterns, and has taught online pattern drafting classes for since 2011.


Shipping available within the US only: Pattern Drafting Curve and Pattern Stamp

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