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Pattern Drafting V - Necklines


Suzy Furrer 

IV - Lines

Students can go out of order after Pattern Drafting I and II, but taking necklines is a logical next step after dart manipulation and lines. Pattern Drafting V teaches how to keep necklines from gaping or falling off the shoulders. Exercises include boat necklines, strapless, funnel and opera necklines, V-necklines, sweetheart, scoop, portrait necklines and more. Students are instructed on both drafting and sewing. They are required to design a dress and draft a production ready pattern which includes one of the neckline exercises. Expect 2-3 hours of homework between classes.


Required Text: Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing, by Suzy Furrer.

Prerequisite: PD II (Moulage), PD III (Dart Manipulation)

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