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Suzy has been working in the apparel industry as a patternmaker, designer or instructor for over 35 years. When she is not teaching or thinking about fashion, you can find raising her beautiful daughter (almost an empty-nester!), heading up to the mountains for a nature fix, reading up on art history or interior design - she just finished a top to bottom remodel of an old family cabin her father built 55 years ago!

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Allison has been part of Apparel Arts since its inception.


First as a student graduating in 1998, and then an instructor. She came to Apparel Arts as a very experienced sewer and tailor and since 1999 she has been teaching Patternmaking and Draping in the Certificate Program. Allison has shared her knowledge with countless students. She has worked with private clients as a consultant on design, fit and production. She has written numerous articles for Threads Magazine.


Allison enjoys blogging about shoes and life at

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