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Welcome to Apparel Arts Productions.


Our online format introduces us to students near (hello there, Bay Area) and far (hello, Australia), for a collaborative and expansive learning environment. Apparel Arts has been at the forefront of sewing, fashion and costuming instruction for 25 years. Settle in and take a look around the website. You will find inspiring content, knowledgeable teachers, and what you need to reach your sewing and patternmaking goals. We hope you like what you see. 

Suzy Furrer



Suzy has been working in the apparel industry as a patternmaker, designer or instructor for over 35 years. When she is not teaching or thinking about fashion, you can find raising her beautiful daughter (almost an empty-nester!), heading up to the mountains for a nature fix, reading up on art history or interior design - she just finished a top to bottom remodel of an old family cabin her father built 55 years ago!

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Allison has been part of Apparel Arts since its inception. First as a student graduating in 1998, and then an instructor. She has worked with private clients as a consultant on design, fit and production. When Allison has a little free time, she may be found walking her dog, practicing her French, making ice cream, shopping for shoes, planning a trip, watching baseball...and not necessarily in that order!

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Lynda has been teaching clothing construction and pattern drafting for many, many years. She loves working with enthusiastic students who want to elevate their skills. For fun, she heads for the beach, dinner and theater with friends, and concerts. Lynda enjoys gardening, cooking, getting together with family and friends.Early every morning she can be found in the pool swimming laps.

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CEO, Founder & Teacher


Founder, Teacher

Lynda Maynard


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